In May 2012, amendments were made to the BC Business Corporations Act, which, among other things, legislated the first hybrid social enterprise structure in Canada: the Community Contribution Company… or C3 for short. The option became available for use in July 2013.

To visit the BC Government’s C3 webpage, click here.

To view a summary of Jim Fletcher’s November 2013 C3 presentation to The Board of Change, click here.

To view a Globe and Mail article on the topic, click here.


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Event Summary by Board of Change Director Michael Barkusky

Video of Dr. O’Neill’s presentation can be found here.



On November 14, the Board hosted Jim Fletcher to speak on his most recent project, the Community Contribution Company or 3C legislation. Here’s a summation of the evening by former CBC journalist and principal of Engage Communications, Robb Lucy.
So, we have a challenge: change the way we structure and grow social ventures. How do we innovate so it isn’t just writing a cheque to a favoured charity? How can we bring triple bottom line, investment and marketing to social enterprises?



Dan O’Neill (Ecological Economist, Leeds University) covers the topics in Enough is Enough, his recent book co-authored with Rob Deitz. Dan talks about the reasons why economic growth as usual is not likely in the future and why it hasn’t been meeting our needs anyways. He outlines the first policy steps towards an economy that isn’t growing and discusses the implications of a steady-state economy.  (more…)


On Oct 30, the Board of Change hosted a debate in Vancouver on American energy pipeline giant Kinder Morgan’s plans to turn Vancouver into a shipping port to access new foreign markets with Alberta Tar Sands bitumen. The company wants to build a new 450,000 barrel per day pipeline to Burrard Inlet and increase tanker traffic by 20 fold what it was up until recently. Hear both sides of the story as representatives of Kinder Morgan and the shipping industry square off against an environmental activist, (more…)