The Board of Change is an inclusive business network fostering an economic model that values the pursuit of sustainability equally with the pursuit of profit. We believe fervently in the role of profitable business in society but also believe that business has an equal responsibility for social and environmental stewardship. Indeed, this may be the greatest responsibility of business.

Member-driven, the Board of Change is centred on three main pillars:


There is much to learn about the new economy, including new ways of thinking that lay the foundation for sustainable business practices and principle-centred leadership. In view of this, the Board of Change organizes awareness programs, speaking events, educational curricula, conferences, mentorship support, research reports, briefings and other such activities to further the knowledge base of our members.


As the voice of progressive business, the Board of Change engages positively with the business community, governments, industry, and society to advocate for policies and change that provide for responsible and sustainable economic prosperity. Through member-based campaigns, we act to move sustainability initiatives forward. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo.


At the Board of Change, we celebrate those who practice and believe that business has a triple bottom-line responsibility. Through networking events, socials and recognition programs, we convene a network of like-minded individuals and organizations to celebrate our successes.


Mark your calendars! On October 2nd, LOCO BC will be hosting an All Party Meeting on Small Business and you don’t want to miss out!

Vancouver’s small businesses make our city great, and yet they sometimes have a tense relationship with the City’s government. Affordable leasing, permits, wait times, and zoning/licensing restrictions are just some of the issues of concern to local businesses. LOCO BC’s October 2nd event is an excellent opportunity for businesses like yours to voice their concerns and hear how the next mayor and council plan to make changes to create a better environment to do business in the city. Confirmed candidates include Shauna Sylvester, Ken Sim, Adriane Carr and others. Please join us for this event, bringing together Vancouver’s business community to bring about positive change. Board of Change Members receive 20% off tickets, found here.

Whether or not you are able to attend the event, we’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to take a quick poll regarding your business concerns! The answers we receive will be used to help guide the discussion and give greater insight into what the top issues are for Vancouver businesses. The poll can be found here.

Confirmed candidates:

Shauna Sylvester, Independent Candidate for Mayor
Ken Sim, Non-Partisan Association (NPA) Candidate for Mayor
Ian Campbell, Vision Vancouver Candidate for Mayor
Adriane Carr, Green Party Candidate for Council (incumbent)
Christine Boyle, OneCity Candidate for Council