A Sustainable Future Looks Like


Our featured speaker on April 28 is Lea Elliott, Principal of Naturehood Ecological Consulting. Lea turns lessons from nature, scientific research and case studies into relevant and effective environmental action for professionals that they can use to be more sustainable at work.

Lea will present her new book: Work Like Nature: sustainability lessons from ecosystems for your job or business. She’ll share ideas from nature that will help you work more sustainably. You’ll gain insights from Vancouver’s green innovators who are working like nature and creating wins for the environment, their businesses and their communities. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by nature and our local innovators.

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At Vertality6 we got many great ideas, which Coro Strandberg, one of our hosts, summarized in this short report according to the new business leadership research she has conducted: “The Qualities of a Transformational Company”. The report has some interesting findings which might intrigue you! Check it out and share your ideas on how the Board of Change can further catalyze transformational change through business by contacting: info@boardofchange.com. We’d love suggestions on how we can scale this new approach to business in our region!


British Columbia’s carbon tax has been an environmental and economic success.

The Board of Change, Clean Energy BC, Climate Smart, the Pembina Institute and Clean Energy Canada are working with B.C. businesses to register their support for a stronger carbon tax during the ongoing Climate Leadership Plan consultation.

As leaders in Canada and around the world commit to stronger and stronger climate-change policies, B.C.’s carbon tax has remained frozen since 2013. The result: carbon pollution is once again on the rise in the province, and we risk being left behind as the world shifts to a low-carbon economy. (more…)



Our annual sustainability bash is just around the corner. Like all Board of Change parties we promise not to disappoint. Great hosts, people, food and fun.

Re-Purpose Your Textiles: As a part of our TRANSFORMATION theme we’ll be transforming a medal frame into a textile sculpture of a giant butterfly. We’re asking everyone to bring 1 to 5 pieces of used clothing that we’ll use to built the sculpture. All clothing will be donated to charities after the event. (more…)


Join the Board of Change and UBC Continuing Studies on Thurs., January 21, for the launch of Larry Berglund’s recently published book Good Planets Are Hard to Buy.

Larry Berglund is on a mission. His book, Good Planets Are Hard to Buy, is an easy to read handbook written for every entrepreneur, management team, supply chain manager and those in small, mid-sized or large organizations who want their company to do the right thing by the planet while staying competitive. It is the step-by-step guidebook to sustainability that gives you the Why arguments for those in your organization who are resistant, the Who to know about and get involved and the How to make it happen and keep making it happen. CLICK HERE for more information and to buy tickets.