A Sustainable Future Looks Like


The Board of Change is pleased to announce that Daryl Hatton, Mia Kahout and Christie Stephenson will host Vertality: Summer Edition on August 3rd at the Westin Grand Hotel. (more…)


Join us on Wed., Aug. 3rd, for Vertality, Summer Edition, our annual summer bash. What better way to celebrate mid-summer than on the Garden Patio of the Westin Grand with great food and drinks, old and new friends!

Tickets now on sale! Our event hosts will be announced soon. BUY TICKETS.


Every year the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) recognizes individuals and organizations who, through innovation and thought leadership, have made significant contributions to the field of supply chain management. SCMA’s Awards of Distinction highlight the individuals and organizations who raise the bar and fearlessly lead.

This year, SCMA recognized Larry Berglund, SCMP, FSCMA and TELUS for their outstanding contributions and achievements in supply chain. (more…)


On June 16 at the Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village, come and meet the entrepreneurs who are driving the sharing economy and learn more about how the Sharing Economy is growing and changing in Vancouver. The evening will include a discussion with sharing economy experts Rosemary Cooper and Chris Diplock, on how progressive businesses can shape this new business model in a way that creates more vibrant and sustainable local economies. (more…)



How we are able to move around a city is critical to its livability and our overall well-being. The construction of bike lanes and the recent transit referendum have brought transportation issues to the forefront, but what are the various options open to people seeking low carbon options for their daily commute.

At our next event, the Board of Change will take over the parking lot at MEC’s head office, where we’ll showcase many of the alternative transportation options that are available. Join us on May 26, where you’ll not only meet some of the most innovative people in this industry, but you’ll have the opportunity to try out their electric bikes, cars, scooters and more. For more information, and a list of participating companies click here.