A Sustainable Future Looks Like


By 2050, the human population is forecasted to surpass 9 billion people and global food demand will increase by 70% if current consumption trends continue. At the same time, all aspects of food security are affected by climate change. Heat and water stress could reduce crop yields by up to 25% between 2039 and 2049. (more…)


This week’s federal budget has some new tax initiatives features that progressive businesspeople can reasonably applaud – the planned phased-in reduction of the federal corporate tax rate on the first $ 500,000 of income from an active business, from 11% to 9%; and some modest incentives to encourage manufacturing. (more…)


Beginning on March 16, 2015, lower mainland residents will be invited to participate in a referendum on whether to approve an increase in the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) from 7% to 7.5% to help fund an $8 billion 10 year transit plan for the Greater Vancouver region. The additional tax revenue is estimated to bring in about $250 million in new funds each year and will allow for increased service for all modes of public transportation including the skytrain, buses, seabus, and west coast express trains. (more…)


On Wed., April 15, the Board of Change looks at The Role of Media in a New (& Sustainable) World. Join panelists Jim Jennings, Associate Publisher & VP, The Globe and Mail; Andree Lau, News Editor, Huffington Post; Geoff Dembicki, Lead Sustainability Writer, The Tyee; and Linda Solomon, Editor-in-Chief, Vancouver Observer. The discussion will be moderated by Robb Lucy. To learn more and buy tickets click here.


On May 20th, LUSH will host the Board of Change (BOC) for an evening of fun, food, drink and a talk from LUSH staff on the key values of their business. They will share the lessons learned on building a company based on ethics, activism, charitable giving, sustainability, ethical buying and staff engagement, and will take you on a fun tour of their magical factory – and you might even get a chance to make one of your very own bath bombs! They have also promised to send everyone home with a little LUSH goodie to try!