A Sustainable Future Looks Like



Our annual sustainability bash is just around the corner. Like all Board of Change parties we promise not to disappoint. Great hosts, people, food and fun.

Re-Purpose Your Textiles: As a part of our TRANSFORMATION theme we’ll be transforming a medal frame into a textile sculpture of a giant butterfly. We’re asking everyone to bring 1 to 5 pieces of used clothing that we’ll use to built the sculpture. All clothing will be donated to charities after the event. (more…)

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Join the Board of Change and UBC Continuing Studies on Thurs., January 21, for the launch of Larry Berglund’s recently published book Good Planets Are Hard to Buy.

Larry Berglund is on a mission. His book, Good Planets Are Hard to Buy, is an easy to read handbook written for every entrepreneur, management team, supply chain manager and those in small, mid-sized or large organizations who want their company to do the right thing by the planet while staying competitive. It is the step-by-step guidebook to sustainability that gives you the Why arguments for those in your organization who are resistant, the Who to know about and get involved and the How to make it happen and keep making it happen. CLICK HERE for more information and to buy tickets.


Happy 2016! It’s hard to believe we are already into the New Year and what better way to kick off 2016 than with Vertality6 – our annual sustainability bash. We are pleased to announce that Coro Strandberg, Strandberg Consulting and Adam Millard, ello Foods and 3Fold Partners, will be our hosts for this year’s event, and what better theme for an event that involves Coro than **TRANSFORMATION.** Like all of our parties we promise not to disappoint, with great people, great food from the Roaming Dragon, music and new experiences. Visit the event page for more information and to buy tickets.


Why sustainability?

This month’s sustainable guest is Aron Bjornson, director of marketing at Salt Spring Coffee. I had the honor of meeting Aron during a Board of Change  event last year about 1% for the planet. In this interview, Aron and I talked about what it takes to achieve better business practices within an organization. There are a lot of great strategies available to SMEs but not all of them will be a good fit to every organization. It is imperative to evaluate before implementing.

For Aron, working to make a difference was not a choice but a must. He wanted to find work where he could make a difference in other people’s life. Working with his staff, suppliers, farmers or other departments, Aron always strives to create a better place for everyone he interacts with. People taking decisions without questioning their impact is clearly a lack of knowledge. It amazes him to see decision makers who are not taking into account the consequences of their actions and do not try to dig deeper to understand the real impact of their decision making process. Society acts as if there was no generation after their own. We are here for a lifetime and then the next generation takes over. It is our responsibility to make sure that our actions will not be having a negative effect on our children’s lives. It is a selfish way of thinking. As businesses, we have the obligation to look into a longer-term piece and holding ourselves accountable for the actions we are taking well passed just selling a product.

When Mickey first started Salt Spring Coffee in the early 1980s they already had a sustainability vision by being organic farmers and providing roasting coffee as a selling product. They had a sense of curiosity (first step to sustainability) by asking the real questions:

  • How can I get the best product?
  • How can I achieve greater quality and reduce the impact?
  • How can I give back to the employees and the community?



This month, Maxime at LeadingAhead is discussing sustainability with Coro Strandberg. Coro is an industry pioneer since 1992 when she received her first mandate towards social responsibility. After holding various roles in business and government, in 2004 Coro decided to pursue her own path and founded Strandberg Consulting. Since then, she has been working with multiple industry leaders developing long term strategies benefiting her clients not only financially but also with better business practices. (more…)