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Step-by step instructions on how to submit your comments to the FIPA EA process by November 11 – act now!

The Common Sense Canadian posted a detailed breakdown of the Environmental Assessment process for the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) between Canada and China earlier this week.

In that piece it was noted that the final Environmental Assessment seemed absent in the soon-to-be-ratified FIPA.


Simon Fraser University professor, author and consultant Mark Roseland revolutionized the global conversation about sustainable community planning and development with the publication of the first edition of his classic book in 1992. The 4th edition of his landmark text, Toward Sustainable Communities: Solutions for Citizens and Their Governments, was released by New Society Publishers just in time for Roseland to launch it at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil this June. Along with initiatives and cases from around the world, Roseland’s new edition offers a host of local examples from this region, including UniverCity Southeast False Creek, and Dockside Green.


It was brought to our attention recently that BC’s progressive carbon tax policies may soon be cut, with very little public consultation. At the Board of Change, we feel it’s important that businesses — and our members — play a role in helping to affect policies that matter in a sustainable economy. Thus, along with a number of other business groups, we would like to send a letter to Premier Christy Clark outlining our continued support for BC’s leadership in carbon policies and their role a founding member of the Western Climate Initiative.

Although it is unclear exactly when these decisions will be made, reports by the Globe and Mail and the Vancouver Sun indicate that at least one will occur within the month. Here is what is at stake:


For Immediate Release – November 30, 2010

B.C. government ‘blowing hot air’ at Cancun climate talks: Wilderness Committee

“I was concerned to read Minister of State for Climate John Yap’s editorial this morning saying B.C. is a model to emulate for the international community gathering at Cancun,” said Ben West, campaigner for the Wilderness Committee. UN climate negotiations got underway yesterday in Cancun, Mexico.


In 2007, without any public notification or discussion, tankers started exporting Tar Sands crude oil from Vancouver Harbour. The tar sands are the world’s largest and dirtiest industrial project and the largest single source of greenhouse gas pollution on the planet.

Two tankers a week, carrying up to 3 times the amount of crude oil that the Exxon Valdez spilled, (more…)

Thanks to Sarah Brooks for her inspiring presentation on the Natural Step framework at Change@ING DIRECT on November 2nd. She spoke about how it can be used for any business or organization to set a long term vision for their company, understand their impacts on the planet, and make systemic, step by step changes to reach that vision.  (more…)

Dr. John Robinson: bringing about ”Transformative change” not just ”MArginal Change”, a subject very close to heart at the BOC.

Standard ways that are typically tried to bring about change include: do brilliant research, then communicate it, and the world will change. This technique has failed miserably over the last 30years. Another route consists of educating indiviuals to change their behaviour. But this often involves guilt tripping (more…)

At the ”After Hours” event, Board of Change members Mark Pezarro and Rob Safrata collected 62 signatures on a letter in support of the Bike Lane Trial – and delivered it that same night at a City Council meeting. Rob delivered the message and council voted unanimously to pass the resolution. As Rob stated: “After listening to most of the 40 speakers during the night – it is clear that support from the business community is helpful and much needed.”

Join us in Vancouver on October 17th to celebrate A Day for the Bay!
“A Day for the Bay” is a public celebration of our coastline and an opportunity to take a stand against crude oil tankers on Canada’s west coast. On Sunday October 17th a flotilla of boats and a rally of people on land will gather at English Bay in Vancouver to send a clear message to the Canadian government that we want a legal ban of oil tankers from our coastal waters! (more…)

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at existing and emerging sustainability practitioners who want to gain the knowledge, skills and tools to take a strategic, systems approach to communicating, planning and managing sustainability initiatives. Graduates of this course will be able to explain and begin to apply The Natural Step Framework to help their organizations and communities take a leadership role in sustainability within their organizations, businesses and communities. (more…)