Could This Be A Smart Solar Play for Lower Mainland?


In classic BC tradition, an opportunity to be truly innovative around clean energy is sitting on the table waiting to be picked up and put to good use. As customer and investor demand for solar energy continues to grow, new models are really needed to enable more customers to connect to solar more effectively. Given its real credibility in fostering long-term thinking on energy use and the genuine potential for cities like Vancouver to facilitate customer aggregation, community solar projects should be relatively easy to pursue. Imagine whole neighborhoods collectively buying competitively priced solar power from the sunny interior in a single business structure.

Building owners and customers could simply say they want to buy it without having to take on the complexities of figuring out how to do it and how to finance it. Imagine also that they could also invest in the entity that owned the solar project, so they could put their values to work not only as customers, but as small investors. Would this be an easier way to make more progress than relying solely on single-owner transactions? Yes, yes it would. I could even see the Board of Change creating an aggregated portfolio of members for such a project.

– Tom Osdoba

Photo credit: Rob Baxter

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