Crowd Funding Is Growing Up


It’s already two years since crowd funding had its first ‘moment’ and you couldn’t have a conversation with an entrepreneur or investor without having to weigh in on the subject. And while the buzz has lessened, what continues to happen with crowd funding points to continued opportunities and disruption of the tired models of startup investment capital, where venture capital investors are late to the game and accept little risk for the outsize returns they demand, and angel investors have limited reach and often impose too many constraints on startup entrepreneurs. Witness, Dragon Innovation, which is blending a crowd funding platform with serious manufacturing expertise and business development services.

This integration hybrid of ‘incubation’ and crowd funded capital could offer real value to startups who choose to pursue this style of investment and need real help to execute on their product ideas. Interestingly, this model offers its Chinese manufacturing expertise as one core value, and that expertise aligned with crowd funding could unlock a phase of growth in returning manufacturing capacity to North America, something the Board of Change could really get excited about championing.

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