New Ways to Deliver Housing


By now, complaining about housing costs in Vancouver is reaching the heights of Olympic sport. As usual, Vancouver has a strong appetite for innovation because of the sheer costs of housing development and desire for more diverse choices.

Well, an interesting idea in Dublin is being put forward that could be really valuable for those development options where modest densification happens. The tear-down is still a common real estate transaction, but too only it happens only to be replaced by an expensive, over-sized replacement, extending the problem of making housing for the rich and leaving the rest to eat sustainable, locally sourced cake. What if several families could pool together at the front end of the development process, and pool their limited resources to enable them to acquire sites where this type of tactical urban infill development could really change the course of a block or neighborhood that is on a trajectory of gentrification that leaves the middle class out of the mix.

– Tom Osdoba


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