October 5th: After Hours Success! Greet speaker, Cool Crowd, Hot Flamenco!


Dr. John Robinson: bringing about ”Transformative change” not just ”MArginal Change”, a subject very close to heart at the BOC.

Standard ways that are typically tried to bring about change include: do brilliant research, then communicate it, and the world will change. This technique has failed miserably over the last 30years. Another route consists of educating indiviuals to change their behaviour. But this often involves guilt tripping (about driving, eating meat…) and has not been found to be an effective method to bring about change either__Instead often producing apathy and denial.

One of the ways that Dr. John Robinson describes as being more effective is to engage people: not in terms of their individual behaviour but in support of larger policy changes. We must change big collective decisions like land use density, urban farms, transportation infrastructure, energy and water systems. If we don’t change those things which constrain individuval behaviour, we can’t get there. That means we have to mobilize people like we’ve never done before… An example is the way that city of Vancouver is trying to mobilize people in support of these changes. (see Sept.14th Board of Change event with Sadhu Johnson).

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