Sign the pledge to let B.C. vote on pipelines and oil tankers


If you think the Citizens of British Columbia should be given the opportunity to vote on plans to expand pipelines and oil tanker traffic along our coast, then you should sign this pledge.

An Angus Reid Global online poll taken after Tuesday’s announcement announcement about the pipelines found that 37 per cent of respondents thought the decision was right, while 34 per cent say it was wrong. The poll also found that 25% of British Columbians believe the conditions “don’t even begin to address” their concerns.

While British Columbians remain deeply divided about the issue, everyone should have the right to express their view point. Seeing that the project will have serious ramifications for our province and the citizens that reside within it, it should be British Columbians who make the decision about whether or not Northern Gateway goes forward. Reclaim your decision-making power by signing the pledge to let B.C. vote!

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