The Rise of the Sharing Economy in Vancouver


On June 16 at the Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village, come and meet the entrepreneurs who are driving the sharing economy and learn more about how the Sharing Economy is growing and changing in Vancouver. The evening will include a discussion with sharing economy experts Rosemary Cooper and Chris Diplock, on how progressive businesses can shape this new business model in a way that creates more vibrant and sustainable local economies.


Rosemary Cooper
As Principal of CreatingPLACES, Rosemary helps catalyze sustainable solutions for the places we live, work, do business and learn. In doing so, she emphasizes strategies that that blend the ideals of the pubic and non-profit sectors with the entrepreneurial pragmatism of the private sector. She is the Co-Author of [Local Governments and the Sharing Economy]( and a Senior Associate at One Earth.

Chris Diplock
A leader in Vancouver’s collaborative economy, Chris Diplock is CEO and Lead Researcher with Ponder Research, a Vancouver-based community research company. Ponder works with organizations to gain insights into important social issues and trends. He has been nominated for City of Vancouver’s Award of Excellence in the category of Greenest City Leadership. He was also the co-founder of The Vancouver Tool Library Co-operative. Chris was recently a speaker at both Vancouver’s Zero Waste Conference 2015 and the Recycling Council of Alberta’s Waste Reduction Conference.

Below is a list of the innovative companies you will meet on the night.

WeGo ridesharing

Heading to a conference – We go ridesharing, will help you compare carpooling and car renting services, ensuring your commute is cleaner on the environment and saves you money.

Pocket Porter
Pocket Porter is your very own personal shopper, dog walker, cleaner, repair man, concierge, mover and more. Porter will take care of your errands and chores and let you get back to what you truly enjoy doing!

Wayblaze Community Crowdfunding
Wayblaze allows citizens, local governments, entrepreneurs and community organizations to fund projects and initiatives that people really want or need in their community. By harnessing the power of the crowds to shape, vote and fund those projects it helps create better, more sustainable places and more engaged citizens.

Vancouver Bike Share
Launching this summer, the Vancouver Bike Share system will expand your mobility options with 1,500 bicycles strategically distributed at 150 stations in and around downtown. You can use them to commute, run errands, visit friends, or casually cruise the city. Bike share also improves air quality by reducing vehicle emissions, promotes personal health and supports local business.

Flaunt Fashion Library
Flaunt Fashion Library is an on-line fashion lending service in Vancouver with the mission to make fashion accessible and sustainable. They are the first in this city to offer monthly deliveries of great style shipped right to your doorstep.

VeloMetro is creating the next wave of sustainable personal transportation. From the original inspiration that was the velocar, VeloMetro is creating a 21st century update with the latest technology and engineering: human powered, enclosed from the weather, fully networked, and assisted by electric and solar power.

Rent Outdoor Gear to Locals. With ShareShed you can make money off what you own yet have access to anything you could ever want. By using ShareShed you’re supporting locals by keeping money in the local economy.

Share Rides with 31,092 Amazing People in North America. Hitchplanet has a mission to fill empty seats in cars and help people travel together. Started on the Sea to Sky, Hitchplanet now has hundreds of locations in the Pacific Northwest, and is quickly growing in other parts of North America. is an on-line sustainable community where members can give, share and trade to get what they need without the use of money, while creating lifelong connections in their local communities.

Share and rent your parking spot with the rest of the city. Garage is a shared parking solution that lets owners rent out their parking spots to drivers who are looking for one. We aim to make cities smarter and greener by increasing the efficiency of existing private parking spots instead of building new parking lots.

Eloqi aims to revolutionize the way that people communicate with one another in a global context. Our ultimate goal is a world where everyone can relate to the world in more than one language because we believe that language is not only a means for communication but also a mechanism for broadening perspectives and enhancing human compassion.

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