Toward Sustainable Communities


Simon Fraser University professor, author and consultant Mark Roseland revolutionized the global conversation about sustainable community planning and development with the publication of the first edition of his classic book in 1992. The 4th edition of his landmark text, Toward Sustainable Communities: Solutions for Citizens and Their Governments, was released by New Society Publishers just in time for Roseland to launch it at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil this June. Along with initiatives and cases from around the world, Roseland’s new edition offers a host of local examples from this region, including UniverCity Southeast False Creek, and Dockside Green.


Roseland has also launched a new sustainable communities research and practice network called Pando, created to facilitate and inspire collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers, practitioners and decision-makers. Pando’s goal is to spark local initiatives that will cultivate vibrant, caring, livable and resilient communities. Pando developed as a logical outgrowth of Roseland’s book, which showcases hundreds of proven, adaptable initiatives already making communities of all sizes more sustainable. “In addition to the book’s cases, theory and tools for building more sustainable communities,” says Roseland, “it became clear that we could benefit from an accessible, live platform to share great ideas. And we should do more than offer a collection of great strategies – we need to connect the creative thinkers and doers behind them. Pando is designed to meet that need.”

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