Join us Feb 4 for Vertality6!



Our annual sustainability bash is just around the corner. Like all Board of Change parties we promise not to disappoint. Great hosts, people, food and fun.

Re-Purpose Your Textiles: As a part of our TRANSFORMATION theme we’ll be transforming a medal frame into a textile sculpture of a giant butterfly. We’re asking everyone to bring 1 to 5 pieces of used clothing that we’ll use to built the sculpture. All clothing will be donated to charities after the event.

Charities are always looking for a variety of clothes to hand out to those in need, but their most needed items are listed below.

– t-shirts or shirts
– sweaters
– sweat pants
– gloves
– scarves
– pajama tops and bottoms
– socks
– jeans

Vertality wouldn’t be the same without our hosts, and this year we’re pleased to welcome Adam Millard from ello Foods and 3Fold Partners, and Coro Strandberg from Strandberg Consulting.

About our Hosts

About Coro Strandberg
Coro Strandberg, Principal of Strandberg Consulting, is an influential sustainability strategist and thought leader. A Canadian trailblazer and visionary in marketplace innovation to advance social, environmental and financial progress, Coro has contributed to the evolving field of CSR and sustainability for more than 25 years. She works with businesses, governments and industry associations to create strategies and pursue business models to address social and environmental risks and opportunities that propel society towards a sustainable future.

About Adam Millard
Adam Millard is CEO of ello Foods and Chairman of 3Fold Partners. He founded and co-owns both ventures with his wife, Chloe. ello Foods leverages proprietary technology to distribute the best of Cascadia to restaurant, food service, and consumer clients in Metro Vancouver. 3fold supports legacy-driven, socially responsible ventures in becoming resilient, investment-ready vehicles of success. A former theatre actor (Canada/UK) and lululemon alum, where a fascination with partnerships and people developed, Adam is honoured to wear the hats of entrepreneur, investor, and facilitator within the social enterprise community.

Help spread the word through social media with #Vertality6 and #Transformation.


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