Where Will our Food Come From in 2050?


By 2050, the human population is forecasted to surpass 9 billion people and global food demand will increase by 70% if current consumption trends continue. At the same time, all aspects of food security are affected by climate change. Heat and water stress could reduce crop yields by up to 25% between 2039 and 2049.

In BC we face other food challenges, 62% of farmers are 55 or older and 82% of local prospective farmers are not from farming backgrounds which means they face the high cost of agricultural land as a barrier to entering the profession. In addition, the lack of food processing infrastructure has meant that we have seen food manufacturers move out of BC in recent years.

Despite these challenges, BC’s food industry has come together to try to overcome them. Find out at this panel how BC businesses, growers, funders, grocers, academics, and non-profits are working together to take on these challenges and ensure that BC has a food secure future. Their collaboration is a great example of how different players within an industry can work together for a more environmentally and economically sustainable future.

To learn more and join this panel click here.

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