The Board of Change is an inclusive business network fostering an economic model that values the pursuit of sustainability equally with the pursuit of profit. We believe fervently in the role of profitable business in society but also believe that business has an equal responsibility for social and environmental stewardship. Indeed, this may be the greatest responsibility of business.

Member-driven, the Board of Change is centred on three main pillars:

There is much to learn about the new economy, including new ways of thinking that lay the foundation for sustainable business practices and principle-centred leadership. In view of this, the Board of Change organizes awareness programs, speaking events, educational curricula, conferences, mentorship support, research reports, briefings and other such activities to further the knowledge base of our members.
As the voice of progressive business, the Board of Change engages positively with the business community, governments, industry, and society to advocate for policies and change that provide for responsible and sustainable economic prosperity. Through member-based campaigns, we act to move sustainability initiatives forward. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo.
At the Board of Change, we celebrate those who practice and believe that business has a triple bottom-line responsibility. Through networking events, socials and recognition programs, we convene a network of like-minded individuals and organizations to celebrate our successes.