BC’s Carbon Policies Under Scrutiny


It was brought to our attention recently that BC’s progressive carbon tax policies may soon be cut, with very little public consultation. At the Board of Change, we feel it’s important that businesses — and our members — play a role in helping to affect policies that matter in a sustainable economy. Thus, along with a number of other business groups, we would like to send a letter to Premier Christy Clark outlining our continued support for BC’s leadership in carbon policies and their role a founding member of the Western Climate Initiative.

Although it is unclear exactly when these decisions will be made, reports by the Globe and Mail and the Vancouver Sun indicate that at least one will occur within the month. Here is what is at stake:

The government is reconsidering further enhancements of the carbon tax (we are hearing mixed reports about wherethe government sits on this issue – we hear some cabinet members want to scrap the tax, others do not want toenhance it and others want to stay the course and increase it by $5 in July)
The government is considering backing away from cap and trade
The government is actively discussing reducing its role at the Western Climate Initiative
Unfortunately there has been very little warning that B.C.’s carbon strategy is in peril, and little consultation (except with CAPP members and the cement industry who have been lobbying hard to reverse B.C.’s implementation of a cap and trade program).

It’s unclear where Cabinet sits on the issue, but our review isn’t promising. If the B.C. Cabinet is seriously going to make decisions in the next month, then there isn’t much time to deliver a strong message of support for enhancing the carbon tax and staying the course on cap and trade and the WCI.

What We Need From You

Please email your name, title and business name to Shauna Sylvester shauna_sylvester@sfu.ca who is coordinating these efforts. Your name will be added to the letter outlining the case for continued support of B.C.’s carbon pricing policies. We will publish this letter once it goes out. Should you have any questions, Shauna’s coordinates are:

Shauna Sylvester, Executive Director, Carbon Talks
Fellow, SFU Centre for Dialogue
3325 – 515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6B 5K3
Tel. 778-782-7895
Cell. 778-231-0715
Email. shauna_sylvester@sfu.ca

Time is of the essence so please respond before tomorrow (Thursday) at noon!

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