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Green, guffaws, and bruised avocados: Sustainability Night Live hits the stage

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Feb 21 2017
Don’t believe sustainability can make you clutch your tummy while guffawing? The Board of Change might just prove you wrong.

The Board of Change held its first-ever Sustainability Night Live last Tuesday, a night of improv comedy at TheatreSports and actors gently poking fun at humanity’s sputtering attempts at sustainability.

Local green expert manager Maureen Cureton incited guffaws as she took the stage and helped the Board of Change adopt a kangaroo mascot. Novex CEO Robert Safrata, ever sporting, strode onto stage in a skintight, lime-green superhero suit, complete with Herculean helmet feathers.

For Monika Marcovici, co-founder of the Board of Change, the deep-belly laughs filling the theatre were just what she’d hoped for.

“We’re always so serious [thinking] ‘the world’s coming to an end’,” said Marcovici. “We wanted a night where people can just enjoy themselves and have a good laugh.”

Cureton, fresh from her debut in comedy, echoed Marcovici’s sentiment, noting the sustainability crowd could use an occasional dose of jovialty. “It’s fun to get together and be playful”, she said.

The skits featured lighthearted fun and also delicate tensions in sustainability. On stage, comedians scratched their heads at the thought of organic fruit flown in from halfway around the world, and a self-proclaimed environmentalist showed off his three electric cars.

Board of Change director Jae Mather was satisfied with the night. “We need to laugh at ourselves and then embrace the creativity that comes from thinking ‘hey, this isn’t necessarily how it has to be’.”

Sustainability Night Live was proudly sponsored by Vancity and Nature’s Path Organic with generous audience gifts from Modo.

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