The Blow Out at Mt. Polley Mine


On Aug. 4th, 2014, BC Day, there was a blow out of the dam at the Imperial Metals Mt. Polley tailings storage facility (TSF) near Likely, BC. Local residents and campers along Quesnel Lake said the tailings spill sounded like “a jet engine” as the toxic tailings roared down Hazeltine Creek into Quesnel Lake for over twelve hours. The volumes of sludge spilling has changed but it has continued still to this day, both from the TSF and from the ongoing drain down from Polley Lake. Recent revelations have now placed this as the largest toxic mine tailings spill that has ever occurred.

Surrounding communities have been deeply affected by this disaster and our guest, long time resident and land owner Douglas Gook is navigating the complex political processes to deal with this situation and find sustainable long term solutions. How can we best address the ecological, economic, social and liability aspects of this disaster? How do we manage corporate liability in the case of environmental disaster closer to home

This event will take place in a round table format. Doug will briefly present the case and ask for assistance as to how we can best honour this amazing watershed by bringing justice, restoration and healing for all impacted.

About Douglas Gook: Doug Gook is a third generation settler and horse logger living in Quesnel. He has been involved in Transition Town economics and ecological conservation issues for over thirty-five years. He has been involved in provincial politics in the past with a stint running for the Green Party in his riding.

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