The Board of Change Supports Yes Vote in Transit Referendum


Beginning on March 16, 2015, lower mainland residents will be invited to participate in a referendum on whether to approve an increase in the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) from 7% to 7.5% to help fund an $8 billion 10 year transit plan for the Greater Vancouver region. The additional tax revenue is estimated to bring in about $250 million in new funds each year and will allow for increased service for all modes of public transportation including the skytrain, buses, seabus, and west coast express trains.

The Board of Change joins with the Vancouver Board of Trade, the BC Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition in encouraging local businesses and citizens to vote in favour of the increased tax. We believe that an improved public transportation will benefit everyone in reduced traffic congestions and reduce transportation-related carbon emissions.

We also believe that if the tax is not approved, traffic congestion will continue to worsen, imposing even greater costs on everyone, but particularly businesses that transport goods and rely on a free flowing road infrastructure.

The tax is estimated to cost the average resident less than 35 cents per day and to reduce traffic congestion by 20%, shaving 20 to 30 minutes off daily commuting times according to the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition.

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